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Hamlin Township GIS

A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer-based tool for analyzing and mapping features that exist, and events that occur on earth. GIS technology provides a flexible set of tools to perform the diverse functions of local government. Currently at Hamlin Township, GIS is being used to share data and to provide a powerful analytical tool to help staff make better, more informed decisions. GIS is an efficient way to communicate complex information by providing a visual concept of the data.

Hamlin Township currently offers GIS Mapping. Hamlin Township can zoom in on any one parcel or section. Overlay maps would include parcel lines, aerials, zoning, wetlands, critical sand dunes and soils.

Below is a link to a Standard Parcel/Aerial Map Form. If you are interested in any of Hamlin Township’s GIS Maps, please complete and return to Hamlin Township, 3775 N. Jebavy Drive, Ludington, MI 49431 – 231-845-7801 Ext 2 OR FAX 231-843-1471.

Click Here to download and print the GIS mapping request form.

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