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Hamlin Township has worked hard over the years to establish and maintain our road system. However, some of our Township roads are deteriorating due to the increasing cost of road maintenance and the June 2008 flood.

Hamlin Township receives .7316 of a mill for operational purposes. That means that on a Taxable Value of $100,000, the Township receives $73.16 total from the property taxes you pay annually. We do our very best to be cost conscious and make wise decisions.

Each year, Hamlin Township complies a list of road problem areas from comments we receive throughout the year from our residents along with areas that the Township Board of Trustees identifies. The Mason County Road Commission provides rate quotes for items on our list, and then we have to look at what we can afford to repair, while staying within the budget.

2013 Approved Road Work - Approximately $294,600 Allocating to Hamlin Township Roads -

George Street and Robert Street – from Lakeshore Drive to the end – length 0.14 miles
Proposal A – Place 51 ton of HMA patching material than place a seal coat
                                   surface with a fog seal over the entire road way. 
                                   Est Cost - $7,600.00

Decker Road – from end of existing hard surface to the township line – length 0.25 miles
                         Minor grading and placement of Slag Aggregate material.
                        Est Cost - $12,000.00 the same as last year.

Rath Road – from Jagger Road to Decker Road – length 0.54 miles, Minor grading and
                     placement of Slag Aggregate material. $16,500.

Barnhart Road – from Shagway Road to end – length 1.19 miles, HMA overlay at a rate
                           of 165 psy.        Est. Cost $66,000.00  same as last year.

Dust Control  Township Wide – 16 miles length.

  • Two applications – second one within two weeks after first - $ 9,600.00.  Please advise when the applications will be done.
  • Partner with Grant Twp. for two brines on Nurnberg Road.  6.41 Miles – Two Piggy Back Applications $1,923 (Hamlin Township’s portion). Pending Grant Township’s approval to split cost.
  • Lakeshore Drive – from South to Middle Bayou, length 0.86 miles.
                                  Place HMA overlay at 1.5 inches average thickness
                                  Est Cost. $58,500.00

    Grace Ave – from  Shagway  to Lincoln Rd, length 0.49 mile
                                  Place HMA overlay at 1.5 inches average thickness, including fixing
                                  Dittmer Pond
                                  Est Cost. $27,600.00


         Grand Ave – from Sherman Road to end, length 0.37 mile      
               Place HMA overlay at 1.5 inches average thickness including drainage
                                  Est Cost. $25,000.00

    Pere Marquette and Ohio streets – from Lakeshore Drive to end, length 900 feet
                                  Place HMA overlay at 1.5 inches average thickness
                                  Est Cost. $10,400.00

    Travis Drive -  from Pere Marquette to the end, length 2100 feet
                                  Place HMA overlay at 1.5 inches average thickness
                                  Est Cost. $22,700.00

    Presidential Estates – Corner of Decker and Lincoln Roads , length 0.82 miles total
                                  MCRC to crack seal, wedge at various locations of 100 ton of HMA
                                    mix, than have placed a Seal Coat surface and fog seal
    Est. Cost $27,500.00 (Nixon 0.21 Miles; Wilson 0.13 Miles; Eisenhower 0.13 Miles;  Kennedy 0.21 Miles; Roosevelt 0.14 Miles)


    Also, fog seal Decker Road and Golfwood Drive as these are projects that were not completed last year. No cost to Hamlin Township   

    Pending: Mears Road;  $11,290.00; Minor tree removal, grading, aggregate base and a hot mixed asphalt surface to match existing pavements.  

    Finish speed study on  Sugar Grove Road; Post signage.


    Dewey Road and Stearns Road to receive major patching -

    If you have any questions regarding the Township Road Projects, please contact me.  Thank You.  Nancy Vandervest, Hamlin Township Supervisor.

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