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Hamlin Township has five publicly owned Township Parks:

  1. Long Skinny Park located on N. Lakeshore Drive between the South and Middle Bayous on lower Hamlin Lake. This park is broken up by privately owned land as well as public land. It could be used as a picnic area, grills, fishing and sitting and viewing Hamlin Lake.

  2. Middle Bayou Park is a very small triangular shape piece of land. A person may have access to swimming, fishing and viewing of Hamlin Lake. Hamlin Lake is accessible by a ladder built into the seawall. A grassy area should be utilized for towels, etc. Limited Parking.

  3. North Bayou Park is located on the lower lake near the North Bayou of Hamlin Lake. This park includes a rustic boat launch. A person can fish from shore, launch a row boat, paddle boat, sail boat or kayak. Views of Hamlin Lake can also be obtained. Limited Parking.

  4. Wilson Hill/Hamlin Lake Township Park is located on Upper Hamlin Lake. This park consists of a shelter, electricity, ball diamond, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, grills, boat ramp, dock, playground equipment, port-a-potty and coming soon, running water fit for drinking.

  5. South Bayou Park, this park consists of a boat ramp, boat docks, picnic tables, grills, fishing, port-a-potty and playground equipment.
These Township owned parks are open year around. All parks with the exception of the Long Skinny Park and North Bayou Park are plowed in the winter months. There is currently no user charge to use the Township parks and/or boat launching facilities.


TOWNSHIP PARKS Playground Pavilion Horseshoes Restroom Grills Benches Fishing Hamlin Lake Boat Ramp Other
Wilson Hill
Hamlin Lake
Upper Hamlin Lake
X X X X X X X X Electricity
Running Water 2010
Open Field for Ball Diamond
Picnic Tables
South Bayou X     X X X X X Picnic Tables
North Bayou             X   Limited Boating Access
Long Skinny
Lakeshore Drive
        X X X   Picnic Tables
Middle Bayou           X X   Limited Parking
Ludington State Park - 5,300 Acres X X   X X X X X Biking, Hiking Trails, Camping, Winter Activities, Hunting, Cabins, Picnic Areas
Huron-Manistee National Forest                 Biking, Camping, Canoeing, Boating, Hiking, Horseback Riding
Hamlin Lake Resorts                 Fishing, Cabins, Swimming

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