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Download a pdf copy of our sesquicentennial brochure here.

1861 – 2011


Hamlin Township will be celebrating a century and a half in 2011. Plans are now being organized for a Township Celebration. The Celebration will take place in August 2011.

Hamlin Township was established in 1861. It is named after Hannibal Hamlin, Vice President from 1860 to 1864 under President Abraham Lincoln.

The first settlement in Hamlin Township was made by Charles Mears in 1858 in Section Two. The next settlers were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sladdick. They settled in Section Twelve. The first wedding was Miss Paulina Duquette and Mr. Gibson. The first child born was Mr. Frank Sladdick Sr.

The Committee is searching for any photos, memorabilia’s, stories that anyone wishes to share with the Township. Please contact Nancy Vandervest, Hamlin Township Supervisor with questions @ 231-845-7801 Ext 2.

Additional Sesquicentennial Celebration details to follow:

I would also like to thank the Committee Members who are volunteering their time to make this 150th Anniversary an amazing celebration.

Committee Members:

Janet Gaghen, Nancy Pollak, Carol Parkinson, Gail Hanna, Judy Thorp, Mike Nagel, and Nancy Vandervest.

Thank You.


Nancy Vandervest
Hamlin Township Supervisor

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